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Sequim Irrigation Festival

Peninsula Family Theater

Olympic Theatre Arts




Sequim High School Operetta Club



2013 Production: Footloose

One of the most explosive movie musicals in recent memory bursts onto the live stage with exhilarating results. When Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town, Ren is prepared for the inevitable adjustment period at his new high school. What he isn't prepared for are the rigorous local edicts, including a ban on dancing instituted by the local preacher, determined to exercise the control over the town's youth that he cannot command in his own home. When the reverend's rebellious daughter sets her sights on Ren, her roughneck boyfriend tries to sabotage Ren's reputation, with many of the locals eager to believe the worst about the new kid. The heartfelt story that emerges is of a father longing for the son he lost and of a young man aching for the father who walked out on him. To the rockin' rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated score and augmented with dynamic new songs for the stage musical, Footloose celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people, guiding them with a warm heart and an open mind.

Cast List

Rev. Shaw Moore - Benjamin Heintz

Vi Moore - Emily Carel

Ariel Moore - Bailey Bryan

Ethel McCormack - Olivia Hatton

Ren McCormack - Austin Brock

Willard - Zachary Campbell

Jeter - Mikey Cobb

Bickle - Will Duncan

Garvin - Jacob Fink

Rusty - Hailey Brock

Urleen - Ciara Westhoven

Wendy Jo - Kathryn Lorentzen

Aunt Lulu - Christie Honore

Uncle Wes - Seth Mitchell

Chuck - James Willis

Lyle - Caleb Simonson

Traviz - Nick Fazio

Pedro - Joey Hall

Principal Clark - Ian Houghton

Coach Dunbar - Danny Willis

Eleanor Dunbar - Bernadette Dalm

Betty Blast - Kaylee Ditlefsen

Cowgirl Bobbi - Elise Beuke

Dance Captains - Donika Huls, Sabrina Marunde, & Danielle Chamberlain

Dancers - Chris Heintz, Mikey Cobb, Will Duncan, Nick Fazio, Caleb Simonson, Abby Norman, Savanna Fowler, Amanda Bennett, Katlyn Walsh, Courtney Webber, Emily Newell, Katie Rogers, Ashlyn Reeves, Niki McElhose, Elise Beuke, Sydney Negus, Maeve Harris, Judi Villella, Alysha Graham, & Victoria Hall

Townspeople - Holly Eiland, Emma LaBlanc, Angela Bentley, Amanda Murphy, Madison Murphy, Annabelle Armstrong, Vallen Barber, Michaela Ripley, Bailey Thomas, Allison Cobb, & Lilly Mitchell

Production Team

Stage Director/Production Manager - Robin Robinson Hall

Music Director/Maestro - John Lorentzen

Stage Manager/Hair & Makeup Coordinator/Club Advisor - Darrelynne Sutton

Set Design/Construction & Box Office Manager - Jeff Hall

Anne Lorentzen - Choreographer

James Willis - Assistant to the Director

Mark Lorentzen - Assistant to the Music Director

Costume Coordinator - Lora Armstrong

Property Manager - Heidi Murphy

Publicity Manager - Jim Stoffer

Sponsorship Coordinator - Noelle

House Manager - Grace Chumley

Booster President - Becky Mitchell

Operetta Club President - Olivia Hatton