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Sequim Irrigation Festival

Peninsula Family Theater

Olympic Theatre Arts




Sequim High School Operetta Club



SHS Operetta Club's 51st Production

During the 1850s, Milly, a pretty young cook, marries Adam, a grizzled woodsman, after a brief courtship. When the two return to Adam's farm, Milly is shocked to meet his six ill-mannered brothers, all of whom live in his cabin. She promptly begins teaching the brothers proper behavior, and most importantly, how to court a woman. After the brothers fall in love with six local girls during a town barn-raising, the brothers kidnap the girls in Sabine Women fashion, and a group of indignant villagers tries to track them down. After an avalanche blocks the mountain pass to the cabin, Milly teaches the brothers, including Adam, that women are not just chattle to cook and clean. When the spring thaw finally opens the mountain pass, the villagers are in for quite a surprise when they reach the ranch! All of the beloved music, featured dancing, and beautiful costuming brings to life this musical on our stage...

Book by Lawrence Kasha & David Landay

Music by Gene de Paul, Lawrence Kasha & Joel Hirschhorn

Lyrics by John Mercer, Al Kasha & Joel Hirschhorn

Based on the 1954 Film by Stanley Donen

Adapted from the short story, The Sobbin' Women, by Stephan Vincent Benet

Based on the Ancient Roman Legend, The Rape of the Sabine Women

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